Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prop 8 Day AFTER Decision Rally & Kiss-in: Celebration/Protest

Rally & Kiss-in: Celebration/Protest

Day AFTER Decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger

Stand for FULL marriage equality and full federal benefits for same-sex couples!


6pm * Northampton City Hall * Main Street

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In the coming days, federal District Court Judge Vaughn Walker will announce his decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a trial to determine the constitutionality of Proposition 8, which in November of 2008 took away marriage equality in California.

In the trial, Judge Walker asked whether there was enough of a "political tide" for his decision to be upheld in the US Supreme Court. In other words, if we are vocal enough we can be a part of creating the "political tide" necessary to put pressure on the court to overturn Prop 8.

And, such a decision in the Supreme Court could overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies same-sex married couples in states like ours over 1,000 federal benefits.

So, regardless of the decision, let's come together at 6pm at the Northampton City Hall steps the day AFTER the decision is announced for a rally and a kiss-in to celebrate a victory or show our anger at a defeat.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WMass to Boston: Rally for Trans Civil Rights and Full Equality!

(Photo by Glenn Koetzner)
Wednesday * May 19 * 7 PM
Bangs Community Center
70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst (Behind Rao's Coffee)
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Join us to find out more about the Western Mass. chapter of Equality Across America (struggling for full federal equality for LGBT people as part of a national network:, and help shape our activities this summer!

Also, this will be the place to meet others and arrange carpooling for the Harvey Milk Day of Action (a national call) event in Boston on May 22, where we will join activists in Boston to rally at the State House for the Trans Civil Rights bill and full federal equality!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Rally for a Trans-Inclusive ENDA

Monday * May 3 * 5:30 PM

Northampton City Hall Steps

In 38 states in the USA you can be legally fired for being Transgender.

In 29 states, you can be fired for being Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual.

This is especially devastating with overall unemployment near 10% and more than 5 people applying for every 1 job opening.

89% of US residents oppose employment discrimination.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), would outlaw employment discrimination on the federal level, giving LGBT workers equal rights on the job in all 50 states.

Activists across the country will be turning up the heat to get ENDA passed this Spring.


ENDA needs just 16 more votes in the House, and 14 in the Senate to pass. And there are 60 Democrats in the House and 16 in the Senate who have not committed to support the bill.

We need to urge them to do so now, and educate and rally others to do the same! 9 in 10 people are with us, so let's get the message out and rally their support!

Even though Representatives Neal and Olver are co-sponsors of ENDA, we can urge them to be more vocal advocates and get their uncommitted colleagues to vote "Yes" for LGBT civil rights!

And, we must demand that ENDA pass with protections for Transgender people, 97% of whom face discrimination on the job or in finding work. We cannot compromise on the rights of our Transgender brothers and sisters!

We cannot let this moment pass us by. We are so close, but nothing is automatic. As Frederick Douglass said, "power concedes nothing without a demand," so let's make our demands heard on May 3rd!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Next Steps for Western Mass. Equality Across America

Next steps for Western Mass. Equality Across America
Monday * April 5 * 6PM
Hampshire College * Franklin Patterson Hall Room 101

Join us if you want to get involved in the struggle for full federal equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people. We should bring our thoughts from the conference, share those with people who didn't get a chance to go, and talk about our next steps locally and in general.
There is a lot going on: Northampton Pride, the Trans United march, the Harvey Milk Week of's an exciting time to be involved in this civil rights movements!
LGBT people and allies are welcome!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

First-hand Account of San Diego Marriage Equality Sit-in

Wednesday * March 10 * 7PM

Smith College, Seelye 102

ON MAY 27, 2009--the day after the California Supreme Court voted 6-1 to uphold Proposition 8, which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman--activists staged a five-hour sit-in at the San Diego County Administration Building after Brian Baumgardner and Michael Anderson, a same-sex couple, were denied a marriage license.

The sit-in in San Diego, which looked to the sit-ins of the African American civil rights movement for inspiration, was part of a wave of protests around the country that involved tens of thousands, showing that the resurgence in LGBT equality activism following the passage of Prop 8 was alive and well.

In October, the National Equality March brought 250,000 people to DC to demand full equality now!

Activists in Western Mass., as Western Mass. Equality Across America, are organizing to go to the LGBT Rights Making an Impact Northeast Regional Conference on March 26-8 to plan the next steps for our struggle with allies from across the region.

Join us for a presentation by Kelsey Hoffman, a Smith student who is a member of the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality and Western Mass. Equality Across America, who participated in the sit-in on May 27 and will share her experience, followed by a planning meeting for the conference.

Monday, January 25, 2010

WMass Equality Across America Planning Meeting

Laying the foundation for the LGBTQ civil rights movement!
Monday * February 8 * 7PM
Hampshire College, Franklin Patterson Hall (directions below)
Last Fall, chapters of Equality Across America (EAA) were founded across the country in the wake of the October 11, National Equality March, when 250,000 people descended on DC demanding full equality for LGBTQ people NOW!
150 people came from Western Mass., and in December students from 5 local colleges as well as members of the community founded the Western Mass. chapter of Equality Across America.
Now that the success of the march has shown the potential for building a grassroots movement for LGBTQ equality, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of transforming EAA from a new network of activists into an organizations that can put pressure on the politicians in DC to force them to take action, to win full federal equality.
Let's meet to discuss how to develop our organization, how we can become the leaders this movement needs, and to plan for the northeast regional Equality Across America conference the weekend of March 26-28, when EAA members from across the region will come together to strengthen our connections, learn from one another, and discuss and debate the way forward for our struggle.
Anyone who agrees that there should be full equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states NOW is welcome to join EAA. We hope to see you there!
For more info and/or a ride, email
Check out a campus map here:
If you're driving, use the main entrance on 116 and take a left at the stop sign and follow signs for "Franklin Patterson Hall": go around the bend, past a parking lot on your left, and then take the next main right. There is parking in a lot right behind FPH.
By us, get off at the main Hampshire stop. FPH is right across from the bus stop, past the large flag pole. Go around the back (by the parking lot) and look for a sign for the meeting.